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You’ve got quite a treasure in that horadric cube!

Ziiiiiiiiiiing! : >




HURRAY! Finally.

05.15.2012 social life ends for a lot of people.


Transmute some french bread together with sliced tomatoes, carrot, lettuce, cucumber and corn.
Equip into your belt for quick ‘n easy life recovery.

Nem and drugdealers

Since the arrest of Nem, the head of a major drugdealing network in Rio de Janeiro, some curious information came up.

It’s interesting to notice that first he was taken to a public health facility in order to be treated of a complication caused by the mix of ecstasy and alcohol, after partying HARD.  Ok, he’s a drugdealer, involved in criminal activities… no surprise that he’d have this kind of bohemian life. However, while detained, he called his wife to tell his children to go to school!

When the car he was hiding into was stopped by the police (he was hiding in the trunk, trying to leave the slum where his network operates with IRONHAND, even declaring curfew  for local businessmen), his driver identified himself as an authority from Congo and demanded the police would let him pass. That was very strange.

Other than that, have you seen the type of houses people like Nem lived in? They lived like gods among men, in fancy palaces with HUGEASS  halls, jaccuzis, swimming pools etc. Some even had posters, such as this one, painted on the walls:

So, one question comes to mind – what kind of ambition do people like NEM have? Power, prestige and recognition? Ok, he got it all. And after that? What comes next?

It’s interesting to compare their way of life to the life of some high profile soccer players, or athletes that are very young and already millionaire. But that’s a subject for another post! ;)

Death Takes Its Toll

Death is tough shit. Greatly underdiscussed, death has become a taboo in modern ages.
Families avoid thinking and talking about it. Kids are lied to when relatives die and are not included in the death rituals like the wake or the burial. So they grow up with fear and underdeveloped in this important part of life, the understanding of death.

I was one of these people until death took its toll, and it wasn’t gold pieces! I always feared my father would die, it was a constant concern since my teen years since his health apparently wasn’t of much concern to him, as he smoked and drinked a lot even with several hospitalizations because of heart problems and about 2 or 3 heart bypass surgeries. Ironically enough, he didn’t die of any of these. He was found dead in his car nearby his house, and it wasn’t because of natural causes. The police at start seemed to have a good lead but it’s been 9 months already and no one was punished, no justice was made.

Except that in real life, you actually gain experience

Anyhow, that’s not the point of this post. I just want to say: what if someone you hold dear is taken away from you without prior notice, are you living according to your beliefs and enjoying the most out of them? Or are you chicken shit? Afraid to think about these things because it hurts? Or maybe you’re too busy working and studying that you suddenly lost focus – you’re not working to support your family anymore, you’re just working because you think your family needs the money more than they need you?

Death makes us think about those things. When this happens, think about it. Maybe it could be one of those life-changing moments.


Found today at Extra Hypermarket. ._.;;

Dentist Hell

Today I went to the dentist after exactly one year. I should have returned about 6 months ago but forgot, and since I`ve been really beezy with work, I didn`t pay much attention to my oral hygiene.


FACK, it was a horrible experience! I had no cavities, but there was a lot of tartar and the dentist had to torture me, I mean, clean my teeth. -_-;;;

My girlfriend was with me and when I got out of the dentist`s office, she said my face looked like I was crying. (I was, deep inside)

The high pitched sound the drill made instantly brought images of little aliens inside my mouth, torturing me slowly… like if they were trying to force their way into my gums! Now all that is left is a bitter blood taste… of defeat.